Hermit Crab Playtime Ideas

Hermit crabs are fragile creatures and should only be removed from their hot/humid climate for a maximum of one hour a day. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your little critters while they're outside playing with you! Make sure you are constantly supervising your pet while they are outside of their cage- for they are very fast when they want to be and can 'escape' and get lost- which could be fatal. Here are a few ideas to safely play with your clawed fellows outside of their habitat:

Blanket Climbing Mountain: Take a cotton blanket and pile it up on the floor. Set your hermit crab in one of the crevices and let them explore in and out of all of the fascinating tunnels. They'll love wandering around and burrowing through all of the spaces.

Hand Treadmill: If your hermit crab enjoys being held, place it in your hand and then put your other hand right in front of your crab. Once he walks onto your new hand, put your other hand in front of him again. Let him continue to walk from one hand to another for as long as you want.

Hermit Crab Water Fight: Take a glass cake pan and fill it about 1/4 inch with room temperature dechlorinated water. Stick your little crab inside and play 'water fight' by dipping your fingers in the water and then flicking them off directly above your crab. This will imitate a rain storm, which hermit crabs in the wild are quite fond of and active during!

Snack Tag: Grab a piece of your hermit crabs favorite treat (coconut, an apple piece, salmon, dried papaya, etc.) and hold it out just in front of your hermit crab. When they start to notice it, they'll peer out of their shell and their antennas will start to curiously move towards to food. Once they gain curiosity move the snack back a few inches. When they walk forward, move back again. This will inspire natural behavior, which in the wild would be hunting for bugs. Pull the snack away a few times and then reward your crabby friend for following by letting him eat it. Then pick up another piece and play again!