Hermit Crab Rescue Interview: Mill-Creek Hermit Crab Sanctuary


When did you first become interested in hermit crabs? I became interested in land hermit crabs after my son (16) and daughter (12) each received a crab for Christmas from a family member. My son't crab (Junior) passed within days of getting them. Knowing my daughter's crab (Squirt) needed a friend, I purchased my first land hermit crab (Crabzilla) and my love for them has grown from there.

What inspired you to open your hermit crab rescue operation? I decided to open the sanctuary because there are a lot of crabs out there that need homes die to impulse buys, not being educated about the proper care requirements, financial reasons, unexpected ownership, loss of interest and the list goes on. I feel that land hermit crabs are not given a fair chance at a happy, healthy life because they are not soft and cuddly. NO animal should ever be a throw away, regardless of the species.

How can people help donate or promote your cause? Currently we are running on money out of our own pockets. I hope to have our website up and running in the near future and we will be able to take donations at that time. We do have a paypal account currently set up for monetary donations. We would also gladly accept donations of food and supplies by mail. Anyone wishing to donate either way can contact us at... MillCreekHermitCrabSanctuary@gmail.com

How many hermit crabs do you currently have in your clan? Currently we are nearing 60 crabs. Most of the those are PPs. Only 8 of our current crabs are Es. All but 3 of the 50+ crabs are from adoptions/rescues.

What is the best advice you can give new hermit crab owners? The best advice I can give to new hermit owners... RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! We can't stress that enough. If the proper information were out there for the masses or more people were educated as to the requirements hermit crabs need, there would be less unwanted hermit crabs and less of a need for rescues and sanctuaries. Always look into adoption first rather than buying from the pet trade.

What are your dreams in expanding your operation? I would love to expand our sanctuary, but for now, I think we have more than enough room. Expansion will depend entirely on need. I am hoping that one day there will no longer be a need for places like ours. This is my ultimate dream.

Do you have any tips for people in other areas who are interested in starting a hermit crab sanctuary? The only advice I have for someone wanting to open a sanctuary would be... make sure you have the funds, time and space. These are the biggies.