About Hermit Crab Cottage

Hermit Crab Cottage is a free online resource for hermit crab care. Our goal is to spread word about how amazing hermit crabs are- and how fun caring for them can be. After a little research, it's easy to see that hermit crabs aren't always the 'convenient' pet they are mistaken to be. So our goal is to be the perfect one stop shop for everything you need to know about giving your little critter the best possible life.

We happily advertise hermit crab rescues, fellow sites that promote ethical care, and products that are hermit crab friendly. We also work to make periodic donations of proper supplies to hermit crab rescues including tanks, heaters, food, shells, sand, and other items that they truly deserve. The donations you make to Hermit Crab Cottage go to donations for hermit crab rescues around the US and helps us pay our vollunteer writers a small gift of gratification for the work they do to teach proper hermit crab care!