Hermit crabs are extraordinary little creatures, and fascinating pets. Many people don't realize how absolutely wonderful these little beings can be. But we do. We are Hermit Crab Cottage and we fully acknowledge how amazing hermit crabs are. Some would call us 'hermit crab crazy' or 'hermit crab addicts', but in all reality we are very simply 'hermit crab lovers'.

We welcome you with open arms to our online crabitat. This site is one of the many great web addresses dedicated to promoting ethical care of hermit crabs. Our goal is to educate people about hermit crabs. Unlike most factual sites we try to make our information fun and simple. We want to break down the step-by-step of proper hermit crab care in enough detail to ensure that nothing is missed, yet in a way that is entertaining to read.

If you are new to hermit crab ownership or plan on bringing a little clawed fellow into your home we suggest starting with these articles about basic hermit crab care:

If you are a more experienced hermit crab caretaker perhaps you would like to drift through our archive of crafty how-tos and tutorials on snacks, crabitats, and more.