The Hermit Crab Diet

Unfortunately, modern science still hasn't allowed humans to create a commercial food that perfects a hermit crabs needed nutrition. In fact, we lack common knowledge on what exactly a hermit crab needs in order to be healthy and survive. If we look to their natural diet we may be able to find tips into what exactly makes the perfect meal for a hermit crab.

Fish: In the wild hermit crabs will forage beaches for almost anything they can find- most commonly dead fish. Shrimp exo-skeletons, salmon, cod, halibut, whitefish, and lobster exo-skeletons are just a few examples of fishy sorts of foods that should be fed to your crabs.

Fruit: The tropical environments that hermit crabs reside offer a huge variety of fruits. Naturally hermit crabs will eat any fallen fruit, and they have a sweet tooth that seems to adore all kinds of fruits. Grapefruit, coconut, pineapple, kiwi, banana, and papaya are fruits that could be found in most tropical environments. So naturally, they make healthy treats for hermit crabs.

Sea Plants: Once again we go back to hermit crabs ravaging the beach. Things such as seaweed, kelp, and algae tend to make their way into the mouths of all hermit crabs. These things aren't always readily available. If they are- they most definitely should be offered. If they aren't you can supplement these 'greens' with things like loose-leaf lettuce, celery tops, carrot tops, and maple leaves.

Ocean Minerals: The sands on the beach have hundreds of tiny particles too minuscule for people to notice, but that doesn't mean hermit crabs don't notice. In particularly is calcium- a necessity hermit crabs need in order to grow and continue to be healthy. Unfortunately the same foods humans use to get calcium are not safe for crabs. A cuttlebone is most definitely the best way to supplement calcium in a crabs diet. All cuttlebones are the same. The flavorless ones are safest. Ones for birds, turtles, and hermit crabs are all the same. Any will work safely for your crabs, and one should always be offered.

Our commercial food recommendation is Eco Animal Pet Product's 'Wholesome Hermit Crab Food' which covers all researched dietary needs and can be found on Amazon.