Marineland Eclipse 12 Gallon Aquarium Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sized for: 2 to 6 hermit crabs
small, medium, and large (not jumbo)
Glass or Acrylic: Acrylic
Accessories Included: Hood with light, aquarium filter

Although this aquarium was obviously made for fish, it's one of the best options out there for hermit crabs. The size is perfectly small and ideal for a family of around 5 hermit crabs. You can resell the filter parts to make back some of the money it took to invest in the aquarium, considering you won't be needing them. But this does come with a full hood and lighting that is perfectly bright yet not overwhelming.

This tank has a bow-front meaning that it kind of has a curve to it. It looks gorgeous and would nicely fit into anyone's home without being overwhelming. Ideally this is the smallest sized aquarium that hermit crabs should reside. It may seem big, but for those tiny creatures it's barely enough room to explore. This particular aquarium has enough floor space for them to wonder, while also supplying ample height to extend the aquarium to different levels with shelves, hemp nets, and so on.

This is an acrylic aquarium, which tends to hold in heat and humidity better than glass tanks. It comes with a textured bottom, which is good, but doesn't necessarily create adequate space for a heater. A heater with this tank would have to be attached to the back. With that being said, it seems to insulate heat very well and the lamp gives off enough warmth during the day to help with humidity and the temperature of the aquarium.

If you have a small colony of crabs, this is the perfect terrarium to upgrade to. It would also make a great ISO tank.

Humidity Tips: A small waterfall or air pump leading into a water dish would keep this tank very well 'hydrated'. If you can't make that investment, try placing four large sponges in the tank and lightly misting it with a spray bottle 3 to 4 times a day.
Heating Tips: Keep the lights on twelve hours a day, they will help up the warmth, and then place a small to medium sized heater on the back of the tank to supplement the extra heat. Together these two should create a good sense of warmth in the crabitat.