Hermit Crab Toy Ideas

Hermit crabs are curious little creatures. They may not be as cuddly as a puppy, but that doesn't mean they're not playful. In fact hermit crabs really enjoy toys! It's just often hard to know what makes a 'toy' for a hermit crab. Here is a list to get you started:

Plastic Balls: Any small toy balls (aside from rubber bouncy balls, which can be eaten by crabs) make great toys. 'Barbi' sized basketballs, soccer balls, and even ping pong balls are the perfect toy for a crab. Let them push them around their crabitat, investigate them, and topple over them. They'll have fun exploring this new 'thing' and you'll have fun watching them.

Maple Tree Branches Playground: This one is a bit harder to make. You'll need all natural maple branches (from a place where assuredly no pesticides have been used) and some natural hemp cord. Take about six branches and use the hemp cord to tie them together in a haphazard way. Let them move in all directions so your crabs can climb up, down, and all around them. It doesn't need to look organized or even like a real play gym. Just make it messy and your hermit crabs are sure to have a blast climbing up and down it- and munching on the branches along the way.

All Natural (Not Dyed) Feathers: Look for all natural dried feathers. Often local taxidermists will be able to tell you where to find some. Pheasant, ptarmigan, chicken, and even domestic birds (like parrots and cockatoos) work wonderful. Simply take a few feathers and drop them in the crabitat. They're light weight enough that your crabs can pick them up and move them around. And because they are all natural, it's 100% safe for your crabs to eat them (although most would rather just play with them).