Repitat Reptile House 5 Gallon Acrylic Habitat Review

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Sized for:
 micro, 'ant', or small hermit crabs
Glass or Acrylic: Acrylic
Accessories Included: Metal hood
This terrarium, although small, is the perfect beginner tank for someone starting with 2 to 3 hermit crabs. It has a very nice 'hexagonal' shape that not only looks decorative but creates an easy environment to decorate and clean (not many pesky sharp corners to work around). It is tall enough to create a 'second story' with either a hemp net or small wicker basket, yet small enough to nicely fit on a bookshelf.
Because it is acrylic this aquarium tends to hold in heat and moisture more efficiently than glass terrariums, also making it a good starter tank. It comes with a metal screen lid, heavy enough so that even the strongest hermit crab will not be able to lift it. To keep in humidity we suggest covering three fourths of the lid with plastic wrap.
This terrarium is small, light-weight, and virtually unbreakable. Because of this it is a great option for children and small apartment-like spaces. It is also great for micro, 'ant', and other tiny hermit crabs. If you are housing hermit crabs smaller than a dime and want to ensure they are in a place big enough to wonder around but small enough to be able to monitor, this should be your first choice for a terrarium. It's comfortable yet still a size where you can easily keep track of all of those 'itty bitty' crabs you put inside.
Humidity Tips: Cover three fourths of the metal screen with plastic wrap, or else the holes will easily allow moisture to escape. Keep two wet sponges in the terrarium and lightly mist it with a spray bottle twice a day. Because this terrarium is small, the humidity should stay relatively high without much effort.
Heating Tips: Use a 'Zoo Med Hermit Crab Heater' on the backside of the terrarium and a small lamp on top. Combined these two things should create a comfortable 70 to 80 degree environment.