What Kind of Hermit Crab is for Me?

What kind of hermit crab is right for you? Are you a new crab owner? Do you have a few crabs? Or are you an experienced crabber? Look below to find out what kind of hermit crab is right for you.

I'm A New Crab Owner: As a beginning crab owner your best friend will most certainly be the Purple Pincher. These crabs are lively, friendly, and fairly hardy compared to most other varieties. They are not as vulnerable to their environment and can survive fluctuations in heat and humidity that other crabs couldn't. They molt easily and are very independent. They get along well and make the perfect beginner crab.

I Have A Few Crabs: So you know a bit about crabs. You've had a little colony for a while and want to expand your family. Indos, Blueberries, and Ecuadorians would make great additions to your little village. Indos and Blueberries are very friendly and can easily befriend almost any fellow crab. Ecuadorians can sometimes be hostile, but for the most part are just adventurous. They're a bit more troublesome. They like to tip things over and climb climb climb. These guys may be small but they need plenty of place to explore. They also tend to have a bit of a harder time molting and will need to be in a proper habitat that can provide adequate conditions for their molting cycle.

I'm An Experienced Crab Owner: As an experienced crab owner you've learned the ways of a molting crab. You've mastered a warm and humid habitat. And you've felt that oh-so-fun pinch more than a few times. You're ready for a bigger challenge and different crabs. You may want to try adding some strawberries or violas to your clan. Strawberries are pretty hard-to-care-for crabs. They require much more regular heat and humidity than most other species and need constant access to saltwater. Violas tend to be a bit more hostile and have been known to dig up molting crabs for dinner. These crabs need to be monitored a bit more closely than other species to ensure they don't get into any quarrels. Every crab is different so not all violas will be this way, but they have been known to be a bit more hostile and should be put in the hands of someone who knows how to handle such situations with the safety of the crab in mind.