Crabworx Hermit Crab Health Block Review

We gave this crabworx hermit crab accessory 5 out of 5 stars. It's the only one of a kind we've found. This is a calcium block, created specifically for hermit crabs. There are many others on the market called 'cuttlebones' for turtles and birds. But this specific cuttlebone is just the right size for hermit crabs. We recommend hitting it with a hammer once and giving your crabs 1/4 peices at a time. This will prevent it from not being used and getting 'soggy' in your humid environment.
Calcium blocks, like this one, are important for hermit crabs because they offer nutrients that otherwise cannot be found in the 'domesticated' foods we feed them. They help keep crabs strong for molting periods and substitute vitamins they would usually find in their natural beach habitat. This specific one is packed with vital nutrients and comes in a very hard form- which is good. Softer cuttlebones, like ones for birds, tend to degrade into the sand faster than this one that holds up well in the heated humid environment of a crabitat. Worried your crab won't be able to munch off such a hard rock? Those pinchers are stronger than you give them credit for! They'll munch it away easily.

All in all this calcium block should be a necessity in every crabitat. It holds up wonderfully in moist warm conditions and is full of vitamins that keep your little critters healthy!