Vita Sand Reptile Calcium Substrate Review

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This sand is great for reptiles, but unfortunately doesn't make a good substrate for hermit crabs. It has a very pungent smell to it when it is damp. Hermit crab sand must have a very moist consistency, and this sand isn't necessarily made to get wet. Although it does create a diggable texture it also seems to almost 'rot' in a way. Although it doesn't mold it does have a smell that gets stronger and stronger when combined with humidity and heat.

This sand would work in a 'treat bowl'. In small amounts it can make a healthy calcium treat for hermit crabs. And hermit crabs will eat this sand. It has a smell that they are naturally drawn to. Whether or not it has any beneficial vitamins is undetermined, but it doesn't harm the crabs.

For a main substrate, this sand should not be used in a wet/warm terrarium that would be ideal for a hermit crab. But, if you made a quick investment, you could use this sand in a portion of the aquarium as a treat. It will need to be changed every few days to prevent a strong odor.