Zoo Med Hermit Crab Heater Review

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This is the only heater on the market that is advertised specifically for hermit crabs. Unfortunately, it really isn't the best option for a crabitat. A crabitat should be at least ten gallons in size. Two gallons per each hermit crab inside. This heater was created specifically for overwhelmingly small terrariums that are near two gallons in size. This is enough space for one hermit crab, but as any hermit crab owner should know- one hermit crab is most certainly not enough. These social creatures need at least one friend, if not more. Because this heater was made for a two gallon terrarium, that's the kind of terrarium it works for. Unfortunately, that size of terrarium is not a valid habitat for hermit crabs.

The heat from this heater is very subtle. Although it could be used for a five to seven gallon terrarium, it would have to have the heat substituted with a lamp or other heat source. It gives off barely enough heat to warm the sand. A normal crabitat should have between 3 and 6 inches of sand. This heater would most certainly not create enough heat to penetrate that amount of sand. It could be used on the side of a terrarium as well, but even so the heat would not be enough to create the steady 70 to 80 degrees needed in a crabitat.

The heater does come in 'sticker' form, where it peels from a piece of paper and can be stuck to any part of the terrarium. This is a convenient trait that seems to be a staple among many terrarium heaters. And this is one of the best ways to ensure that none of the heat is lost in empty air space. This heater also comes with stickable tabs that can be stuck on the bottom of the aquarium to lift it up enough for the heater to sit underneath without ruining countertops and table finishes. Again, another nice trait.

Although this heater wouldn't work for a main crabitat, it could work for a smaller terrarium being used as an ISO tank or a molting area for hermit crabs. It would work best on a 2 gallon terrarium, and with that size could produce enough heat to keep a molting crab comfortable without overheating the small space. We wouldn't recommend this heater for any other use aside from a small molting tank. Unfortunately this 'hermit crab heater' really wasn't created with a hermit crabs well being in mind.