What food should I feed my hermit crab?

There are so many different food options for hermit crabs on the market today, but which ones really offer your hermit crabs the nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive? We've compiled a list of some of the basic ways you can ensure the food you're buying is the best you can find.

Natural Ingredients: You want to look for food with wholesome REAL ingredients. Read the product label. Can you identify all of the ingredients listed? Are they natural, whole ingredients (not flours or by-products)? These are important questions to ask.

No Fillers / Additives / Colors: Hermit crabs are much smaller than us, and because of this their bodies cannot easily process the same preservatives, additives, and colors that we do. Opt for foods where you can identify everything listed on the product label.
Sea Plants And Fish: In the wild hermit crabs derive a lot of their nutrients from dead fish and washed up sea plants on the shore. Look for foods that incorporate both of these ingredients into their mix to ensure your crab is getting what they need. Fish can include dried shrimp, fish meal, fish bones, lobster shells, and oyster shells. Plants can include seaweed and kelp.

Tropical Fruits: Another main staple of hermit crabs diets are tropical fruits. They need vitamins found in fruit to stay healthy. Good fruits in hermit crab foods include banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple.

Big Variety: In the wild hermit crabs are scavengers. They eat a large array of plants, fish, and bugs. So why should your hermit crab be limited to only a few ingredients in captivity? Look for the widest ingredients list possible. A large array of seeds allows your hermit crab to pick out the ones with the vitamins their body is currently craving. Many tastes and textures also keep your pet mentally engaged, help their digestive system, and can create more healthy appetite habits.

Our Top Pick
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