What Kind of Hermit Crab Am I?

Take this fun short little test to find out what kind of hermit crab you are like! Just right down your answers on a piece of paper and then add them up at the end to decide what kind you are!

At social events I tend to be...
A. Pretty shy, I like to keep to myself.
B. Outgoing, I like to meet everyone.
C. Strong-minded, I'm not afraid to argue.
D. Friendly, I get along with everyone I meet.

My favorite activity is...
A. Reading books and learning new things.
B. Exploring, everything everywhere.
C. Sports. I like to test my strength and endurance.
D. Snacking on all different kinds of food.

My favorite color is...
A. Blue
B. Red
C. Yellow
D. Purple

Physically I am...
A. Average, just normal.
B. Petite and small.
C. Muscular and strong.
D. Big and tall.

So... what kind of hermit crab are you?

If you answered mostly A's: Blueberry
If you answered mostly B's: Ecuadorian
If you answered mostly C's: Viola
If you answered mostly D's: Purple Pincher