Hermit Crab Climbing Object Ideas

Hermit crabs must be some of the most versatile little climbers in the world. With such tiny little legs and claws one would never imagine that these creatures would love to climb just about anything. Hermit crabs tend to have the motto "there's no such thing as going around- I simply climb over". And they climb over everything. And they love to climb. The quickest way to keep any crab entertained is to add some height to their crabitat. Here are some fun ways to add a bit of pizazz to that one-level crabitat out of items you have in your own home.

Cardboard: Cut a slice off that big shipping box you just received and then use the end of the scissors or a kitchen knife to poke holes throughout the entire piece. Your little crabs will use the holes as gripping pieces and climb up and down the piece of cardboard. Lean it up against the side of the tank to create a 'hill' or simply line it vertically against one side to create a true mountain climbing effect.

Lace: This natural material may be elegant and gorgeous, but it also tends to discolor and stain- which ultimately turns it useless. Instead of throwing out those grayish curtains, line a side of your terrarium with the fabric. The tiny holes and loose texture are perfect for little claws to crawl up and down.

Burlap Sacks: Although now-a-days these sacks aren't used for much more than children's races and the occasional garden potato- they do make great accessories to hermit crab habitats. If you have an old one lying around shake it out of dust and let it hang outside for a day to ensure that it's 'aired out' of any contaminants. The neutral color can fit into almost any terrarium set up and he texture is perfect for creating climbing areas with.

Towels: Dishtowels and wash clothes eventually wear out, but that doesn't mean they're useless. Textured fabrics like towels with holes, tears, and thinned spots make great climbing material. Boil them in dechlorinated water (do not use soap) and then hang in the side of your hermit crabs habitat. The holes and tears don't matter- they look sort of like a pirate ship accessory and will fit in perfect in your little beachy habitat.

Bark: Old pieces of dried bark make perfect climbing toys. Maple, oak, and birch bark are all safe and perfect for climbing. Lean a slab up against the side of your tank to creating a climbing hill that your crabs can venture up and down and all around.