Hermit Crab Hut Ideas

The stereotypical coconut huts are adorable and hermit crabs adore them. But what if you want to change up the crabitat without making a big investment? Here are some fun ideas for quick and easy hermit huts that you can create in your own home.

Flower Pots: Stick a terracotta flower pot halfway into the sand and leave the other half out. This fun little half-circle will create a comfy cozy hiding place for any hermit crab. And the texture of these eco-friendly pots makes them able to be climbed upon.

River Rocks: Naturally harvested river rocks are by far one of the cheapest and prettiest accessories that can be added to any terrarium. Look for rocks that are jagged or textured. Fine ones with a natural curve or cuts that can be arranged in a way where hermit crabs can crawl underneath and up and down. Boil the rocks in water for 3 minutes to remove any contaminants.

Plastic Bowls: Take a pair of scissors and a little hole in the side of a plastic disposable bowl. Don't use styrofoam, for it can easily be ingested by hermit crabs and could have fatal effects. Once you cut the hole place the bowl upside down into the sand. Wah-lah a little disposable hut. And once your hermit crabs have used it up you can throw it away guilt-free.

Wicker Baskets: Wicker is made from dehydrated willow. Although willow has not been proved as safe for hermit crabs, wicker has not had any negative effects documented. Small wicker baskets usually sell for around $1.00 each and can easily be found at most Dollar stores around the US. Cut a hole in one side and place the basket upside down into the sand. Your crabs will love the airy open feel of the wicker hut. Wicker can also add moisture into the air if sprayed a little each day. These huts should be changed out about once a month to avoid rot.

Woven Grass Baskets: Woven grass baskets tend to be a bit more costly, but if you can make them yourself it usually only takes about a day to make one that is the perfect size for a crab. The crabs will love climbing all over the textured outside, but also feel comfy and cozy in the inside. Treat the grass basket the same as the wicker basket by cutting a hole in the side and disposing of it after 1 month of use. Grass baskets can also up the humidity if sprayed daily.

Small Shipping Boxes: These won't last very long with active climbing hermits. And in the moist environment they'll easily fall to pieces. But they will provide a few hours of entertainment for your lucky hermit crab. Instead of throwing away that small shipping box, remove all tape and ink and then cut a hole in the side for access in and out. Your crabs will adore the dark solitude of a small cardboard box. And after a night of exploration you can throw it away. It's kind of like getting a last use of shipping material that would usually be thrown away anyways.