Hermit Crab Water and Food Dish Ideas

Every hermit crab home should have three dishes. One for food, one for saltwater, and one for freshwater. And many times there will be many more dishes than that scattered around the floor of a crabitat. Some people have dishes specifically for fish, dry foods, or fruits. But it isn't necessary to invest in professional reptile or small pet dishes from your local pet store. Many are expensive and not necessarily better than a similar object you could find laying around your house. Here are some ideas for affordable 'hermit crab dishes' you can create within your own home.

Antique Glass Ash Trays. Ash trays are naturally shallow and make great water holes for small and medium hermit crabs. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Goodwill is full of hundreds of antique trays. Surely you can find one that will match your crabitat interior decor. Boil the tray for five to six minutes, scrub well with some vinegar, and then boil again for another 3 minutes to clean it out.

Small Tupperware Containers. Don't throw that old discolored tupperware container into the trash. Instead wash it thoroughly with boiled water and use it as a hermit crab food or water dish. The sandwich ones work best for saltwater and freshwater areas. Throw some gravel in the bottom for a textured 'pond-like' appearance that your hermit crabs will adore.

Plastic Cups. For stinky foods like fish, meats, and seaweed you can create a disposable dish with a plastic cup. Simply use scissors to cut around the edge and make it a height small enough for your crabs to crawl into. The next morning you can pull the cup out and throw it away without having to worry about scrubbing out all of that ucky fish residue.

Plastic Mixing Spoons. So you broke another handle off of one of those cheap plastic mixing spoons? Instead of throwing it away use the spoon part as a food dish for your crabs. The natural curve will fit nicely into the sand and create a perfect little place for your crabs to go and forage.